About Hotel Shiv Vilas

Stay in Our Hotel is Best Option for You

Are you looking for the most breathtaking ,peaceful yet centrally located place to stay in Rishikesh? Hotel Shiv Vilas is located in the city’s most beautiful location Tapovan, Hotel Shiv Vilas offers you quality that is consistent at a price that is just right. Our Hotel name Hotel Shiv Vilas is a Sanskrit compound, made by joining the words Shiva, meaning lord Shiva and Ansh, meaning part/portion. Thereby, Hotel Shiv Vilas can be translated as "a portion of lord shiva or incarnation of Lord Shiva ". We offer a touch of spirituality & traditional Indian hospitality with comfortable accommodation featuring stylish furniture, high speed internet access and call waiting.

Hotel Shiv Vilas Inn provides conference facilities and a full business center. Hotel Shiv Vilas is stylish and modern, with an emphasis on privacy, charm and attention to detail. Hotel Shiv Vilas is like a "home away from home" where luxury is not ostentatious, but it's there in a refined way. It has a sprawling lawn with a panoramic view of the serene hills..